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Flying Ant Day is a Thing - Who knew?

Dublin Live reported - Flying ants Dublin 2020: Massive swarm set to hit Ireland as UK Met Office shares frightening radar image

To explain what this is - The insects take to the skies around this time every year for mating season in a phenomenon known as #FlyingAntDay. The flying ants are potential new female queens and male ants embarking on a mating flight. Once they have mated, on the wing, the females drop to the ground and attempt to start a new colony. Most of them will not make it, becoming bird food or dying before they are able to produce worker ants (their daughters) and develop a new colony. But some will go on to head up new colonies that will eventually produce their own flying ants. This annual phenomenal has already started for 2020 with the UK Met Office tweeting radar images of swarms so big over some parts of the country that they look like rain. Check out the Tweet HERE

There is a second event around #FlyingAntDay - Drunk Seagull Day because the Seagulls catch and eat so many of them that they become drunk on the formic acid, which causes them to "lose their inhibitions". If you see them acting strangely ... beware the drunk birds!

On a more serious note - if you discover ants in your house or garden, here are some tips on how to control ants:

  • Find where they are coming from and seal off the entry to the nest. You can often see a little pile of sand in paving which is the entrance to the next.

  • Clean all worktops and surfaces in your kitchen, they search for food and are attracted to sweet things

  • Cover up any food which could attract them – they enter your house looking for a food source

If the ants persist call on the experts and our Team will deal with them professionally – we are the Ant Experts!

Our service includes spraying the area to discourage them and laying external Ant Bait Boxes which attract the ants to an insecticide bait which they eat and take back to the nest – where the bait effectively eliminates the other ants in the colony. Our Bait Boxes are tamper resistant and safe to use in areas accessed by children and pets.

For more information on our Ant Removal Service click HERE

For more information on our full Pest Control Service click HERE

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