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Prevention is always better than cure. Today you need to be proactive in your approach to the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and take decisive, positive steps to protect you, your staff and your customers.


The HSE has advised on best practices to contain the spread of the virus, regular environmental and workspace cleaning is recommended. However, your normal cleaning practices and chemicals will not be effective in killing the bacteria.

Specialised premises biocidal decontamination performed at the required standards and guidelines (disinfecting and sterilising the built environment against harmful and infectious bacteria) shows to all that you take the threat of the virus seriously and you are committed to doing your part in minimising the risk in your business.


Decontamination Fogging and other rapid disinfectant dispersing methodologies are used against the spread of coronavirus. This cleaning method disperses chemical as a very fine mist. Each droplet of the specialised coronavirus disinfectant chemical has an electrostatic charge which means the chemical covers a wide area of hard-to-reach places including high shelving and all hard to reach places, and equipment. It is suitable for domestic, medical, commercial, food processing and industrial applications and will rapidly disinfect contact surfaces. The chemical is applied and left to dry naturally.


The biocidal chemical we utilise has a high level of antimicrobial activity (continues to remain active long after initial application) which is realised as a very fine mist from a fogging device. It is also fragrance free, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic and food safe.

COST - To disinfect an average 40-60 sq meter - €150

Suitable for Hairdresser, Cafe, Pub, Restaurant, Hotel, B&B, Office, Warehouse and any building with Staff and Customers.

For more information from HSE click HERE

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