Virus Removal Service

- Fogging

  • Specialised office decontamination
  • Service available 7 day a week
  • Certified & fully-insured staff
  • We use Coronavirus killing Chemicals
  • Minimising the risk in your premises
  • Child and pet-safe disinfection
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The art of good cleaning has always revolved around a visibly clean environment.  In todays pandemic the invisible needs to be clean also.  Our disinfecting service is a method to remove, kill and prevent the things we can’t see.

Bacteria and viruses live among us in their millions. Covid19 Unseen, and unnoticed until it enter our bodies and make us unwell, only then do we see the problem. The STERI-7 Bio-misting method enables us to safely disinfect any room or area, killing any harmful pathogenic organisms on surfaces up to 99.9999%. Bio-misting is part of STERI-7’s BREAK, TREAT, PREVENT ideal to achieve full Biosecurity.

The disinfecting or 'Fogging' causes the minimum of disruption and downtime. It can be used to treat large or small areas, hard to reach ceilings or walls all in a short space of time.

 - This service is offered as a one off or repeat service. - 

Cleaning an area thoroughly using STERI-7 ULV kills up to 99.9999% of harmful pathogens such as #Covid19, Norovirus, Swine Flu, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and many more. This provides Clients with the total Biosecurity and staff with the peace of mind they deserve. The process works by filling a room with a fine mist of 10 micron particles (1 micron = 1 millionth of a metre or 1 thousandth of a millimetre). As the particles settle onto all surfaces, even the ones never touched by conventional cleaning, STERI-7 kicks into action killing Bacteria, Spores and Viruses fast.



• Hospitals • Prisons • Care homes • Schools • Catering • Gyms • Public lavatories • Dental practices • Poultry farms • Physiotherapy units • Airlines • Military barracks • Offices • Vets • Hotels • Salon’s • Barbers shops • Retail areas

* Steri-7 is DEFRA ( Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved, Non-toxic, Non-tainting, laboratory tested to be food safe and is classed as Non-Hazardous to the environment.


What actions should  employers take?

In workplaces during this pandemic where there is occupational risk to Covid-19 such as retail, offices, construction, hospitality, transport etc., you should ensure that the recommendations from the Department of Health and the Health Protection Surveillance Center should be applied to your business.  Also take note on how to mitigate the health risk including measures advised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for work related travel.  You must ensure your staff are aware of these public health measures and you should  communicate regularly with employees and others at your business workplace.

A copy of the HPSC guidance for businesses can be found here.
A copy of the NSAI guidance for businesses can be found  here.

You also need to review your occupational health and safety risk assessments to take account of any changes to the work activity that may arise following implementation of the public health recommendations.