Protection Screens

NSAI recommends - Work areas are divided into zones with personnel allocated to work within each zone. Zones could be identified by colour, number, section, etc. Movement between zones should be minimised and controlled at all times.  Our screens provide the dividers for these areas.

Protective Screen for a shared work-space to allow staff to work safely in a smaller office or manufacturing situation.  

-  Protecting them from the spread of #Covid19  - This Complete booth is 6ft x 6ft x 6ft or can be installed in panels 6ft x 6ft.  The screen creates a safe working environment for other people working in the same vicinity, also great for containing light in workshops, training courses or colleges.  

The Heavy duty 25mm steel tubing frame. Includes frame and curtains.  This can me made to fit any space creating a separate section for each staff member to work safely in.

  • The curtain is made from PVC.

  • Each section slides in for locking

  • No tools required for assembly

  • Pipe joints have screw-less push-fit snap locks

  • Made of 1 inch (25mm) round tube.


These screens are suitable for 
•  Offices  large or small  •  Schools  •  staff rooms etc •  Restaurants  •  Pubs •  Kitchens  •  Nursing homes •  Hospitals  •  Day care centres  •  Manufacturing  •   Call Centres  •   Store Rooms   •  Waiting Areas